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Images of the Titanic Memorial Cruise departing Southampton and events in the cruise terminal on Sunday 8 April will be available to download from 12pm BST on Sunday 8th April.

Please click here and enter the password titanic. Please credit Simon Brooke Webb for any pictures used.

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Lecturers' Blogs / Pictures

Titanic Memorial Cruise – Click Here

Titanic Anniversary Cruise - Click Here

Passenger’s quotes:

“For me, it’s about being able to stand above the wreck exactly 100 years after my great grandfather died, and to be able to throw a flower down for him,I have grown up with this knowledge that my great grandfather died in that ship. This trip will bring closure to many people and it’s going to be very, very poignant,” Sharon Willing, Arizona, USA

“My great-grandfather had tickets for the Titanic, but did not go, the Titanic has been a lifelong interest to me and my family.” Julie Cox, from Louisiana, USA

“We’ve booked this once in a lifetime event as we wish to commemorate our relative, Mr Thomas Pears, who died on the Titanic and his story has been a big part of our lives. His widow Edith survived in Lifeboat 8.” Jane Allen, from Devon, UK

“My grandmother was three when the Titanic went down and she remembers it being talked about in her family, so both Georgia and I have always had a keen interest.

There are some great lecturers lined up for the cruise and I’m looking forward to learning more about the Titanic.

It will be the first time I’ve ever been on a cruise, so it’s all a very new experience. Being at sea over the spot where the Titanic went down exactly 100 years ago will be very moving I imagine.

1912 was such a glamorous era so we’re going to buy ourselves some new dresses reflective of the time. It’s such a one off event, it will be a trip of a lifetime. We felt we couldn’t miss it.” Liz Horner, 42, Hammersmith, London

“My grandfather worked at Harland & Wolff so he helped to build the Titanic, but it wasn’t ever spoken about much when I was growing up. Those who worked on building the ship took the disaster very personally and it was like a death in the family. He didn’t want to talk about it. Being from Belfast my wife Claire and I have always had a great interest in the Titanic story. A few years ago there was a computer package launched with all sorts of details about the Titanic and Claire, who is a teacher, used it at school to talk to the children about what happened almost 100 years ago. It’s such a big part of history. The centenary cruise is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Mr Denis Nightingale, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Press Releases:

Titanic Anniversary Cruise prepares to set sail

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Titanic Memorial Cruise prepares to set sail

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Titanic Centenary Cruise to help modern seafarers around the world.

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Hundreds book to travel on recreation of the Titanic voyage 100 years on

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Titanic Relative Philip's Memorial Lectures

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Historic Cruise to Mark 100th Anniversary of the Titanic

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Nationalities booked on Titanic Memorial Cruise

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